Nice property - built with Jucu (OUR) money

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Nice property - built with Jucu (OUR) money

Postby cookeal » Wed Feb 01, 2012 12:48 pm

At Radu Andresan's parents home there was what in 2007 could only be described as a shell of a building. Money was spent to convert it into offices; then a home for Radu and most recently a pension. That cost money…other people’s money….and of course that building is in his parent’s name.


When recently taking some pictures of the building from the road Charles was moderately assaulted by Radu and his father. Charles could only escape by promising not to use those particular pictures. Being British Charles keeps his word …but other pictures can be taken. Radu insists that the pension is in his parents name yet the business card gives the game away.

Duval is derived from Radu Valentin. All Radu’s companies are “Duval”.
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